Lower Dens- “Real Thing”


Over the sun-damaged synthesizers and softly ripping guitars of new tune “Real Thing” Lower Dens lead singer Jana Hunter openly admits: “I’m married to a terrific guy, I’ll never leave until I die. But I just love to get out and get it on.” That admission at first might be a disarming one, but it’s fairly understandable. There’s a natural human instinct to want something outside of our scope. We know the common saying, “the grass is always greener on the side.” We assume, like Hunter does near the song’s end, that there has to be something more than we have.

And maybe there is. Maybe we’ll leave behind what we have and we will find the fun and “dancing” that Hunter’s voice echoes out. Or maybe we’ll stay back and every so often wander about what could’ve been. The music of Lower Dens’ latest effort isn’t the only thing that’s nostalgic. But it is the only part recalling a time that was actually lived.



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