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Top Tracks: Zack de la Rocha- “Digging for Windows” [Prod. El-P]


The Zack de la Rocha album is happening. This isn’t some rumor. This isn’t a test. This isn’t a military drill, though “Digging for Windows” sounds like it. Or maybe, it’s more like weapons grade plutonium. Or an air-raid over Los Angeles. Point is, this shit is heavy and dense, like osmium dense. The track’s got guitars provided by Chavez’s Matt Sweeney that slither through El-P’s half-muted jackhammer drums. There are drum machine claps that sound like Bruce Lee pimp slapping someone. There’s de la Rocha snarling as the brigade marches ever forward: “My future snapped like a rubber band, Off my fold on a hand to hand, he drew from his waist, I put two in his roof, And i can still hear his screams all night.” Whatever time de la Rocha spent away, you get the sense he was just scribbling every pissed-off thought into the margins of a crumpled-up notebook. Just waiting for the right moment to strike. Now that he has, it’s absolutely devastating.

According to El-P, the album will drop sometime in 2017. And considering his prior relationship with Run the Jewels, it’s not unreasonable to think there will be a few more pairings with El-P and Killer Mike on this thing.


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