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Top Tracks: D.R.A.M.- “Cash Machine”


In the wrong hands, the “best revenge is your paper” track can get old. There are only so many ways to say your new money can muzzle all the haters. You’re rocking the latest Air Jordans while some dude from your high school, who always doubted you, is still sporting a pair of Keds with a hole in the right sole? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What else you got?

Thankfully D.R.A.M. (Does Real Ass Music) is so damn giddy every time he gets on mic that what could be a rote “middle finger to the haters” is transformed into a total celebration. The above cover art for “Cash Machine” perfectly portends what you hear: funkified piano and D.R.A.M. cherubically singing as a cash machine splits up his bread. I don’t keep a mental rolodex for such things, but that noise from producer Ricky Reed is one of the best money-related sounds since the register in “Paper Planes.” What mess someone is talking to D.R.A.M. gets drowned out by that noise. He can’t hear you. And unless you have his new number, he won’t be hearing from you. “Remember when they used to want me to shut up? Now it’s ironic cause I only conversate with those hundreds.”




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