Hello Shark- “Jackson Browne”


“Drake Night,” the previous single by the Philly-based emo/lo-fi/indie pop project Hello Shark, effectively told one of the year’s most affective tunes in two minutes with one couplet: “I was only trying to push you away, after I found out you were leaving, so it’d be easier to take.” That’s the entire, fraught dissolution of a relationship in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

Though new track “Jackson Browne” moves a little slower, it’s no less moving. Vocalist Lincoln Halloran murmurs “Baby I’m delicate, I don’t wanna quit” over a twinkling keyboard figure that recalls Youth Lagoon’s “17.” He goes on to reference Browne as a way of demonstrating the distance and longing that physical separation can create between people. Even a few days, or weeks, can begin to feel like years. Late night texts can’t make up for actual intimacy. So it’s understandable when Halloran talks about not answering the phone, no one wants to be reminded of what’s no longer around.

Hello Shark’s record Delicate is out via Ordinal on Sept. 30.



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