Pional- “The Way That You Like” ft. Empress Of


Rare, if not entirely non-existent, is the relationship where the other person can always make you feel right when something goes askew. It’s just tough to imagine landing in a spot where one single person can properly address every issue. It’s not feasible. It’s a sliver of the reason we have friends, each relationship addresses a particular need.

Which is what Empress Of seems to perfectly understand in her simmering feature for producer Pional’s “The Way That You Like It.” “I can’t be the one to hold you just the way that you like,” she flatly declares over the minimal burbles and tidal synths. She realizes whatever “I’m sorry” she can offer won’t be enough. Relational shorthand can’t solve this problem. It’s “too much” as she later states. And really, in some ways, that’s the most comfort you can offer someone when you’re at a loss for words: Admit you don’t know what to say.

Pional’s album When Love Hurts drops Sept. 30 via Ninja Tune.



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