Devon Welsh- “Go Go”


Though Montreal electropop duo Majical Cloudz have been broken up since March, it hasn’t felt like it. In May, former frontman Devon Welsh put out an unreleased song collection entitled Down the Mountain. Then in July he eulogized Suicide’s Alan Vega with the aptly named “Me and Alan Vega.”

Now, Welsh is moving further from Majical Cloudz with the doleful single “Go Go.” Granted the differences between this piece and the former duo’s work are teensy weensy. The background synthesizers appearing to be moving at a glacial pace as a opposed to the speed of snow melting. Those shaking sounds don’t have the same tintinnabulation. Welsh’s voice might echo a tad bit less. But, everything still feels emotionally fraught. “Please be faithful, God is good, I would heal you if I could” Welsh intones over tectonically shifting electronics. There’s no squinting to see the differences there. He’s still the same.

“Go Go” is available for purchase at Welsh’s Bandcamp page.




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