How to Dress Well- “What’s Up”

How to Dress Well- What's Up

For anyone weaned on the early How to Dress Well of say “Ready for the World” or “Date of Birth,” Tom Krell’s continual ascendance out of the murk has to be something of a surprise. Before you were lucky to understand a line in one song, now dude’s working with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers/fun. and making shimmering R&B pop such as “What’s Up.” Krell glides over the ringing keys and calypso-lite production of the song, showcasing his ever nimble vocals. But there’s no real crest in the way of “Words I Don’t Remember” or even the aforementioned “Date of Birth.” Krell just continues to bounce along. “If you make a mess of me, I wouldn’t change one thing,” Krell croons. You don’t need a crest when you have this kind of resolve.

How to Dress Well’s new album Care drops September 23 via Domino.



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