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Top Tracks: HEALTH- “Crusher”

HEALTH- Crusher

The “crush” at the center of HEALTH’s massively loud entry into the always excellent Adult Swim Singles Series isn’t an anvil dropping. Nah, that’s too quick and “painless.” The crush at the center of the L.A. dance punk crew’s latest effort is slow and shifting. It’s the trash compactor in Star Wars inching ever closer, or a translucent reticulated python turning every bone in your body to dust. The vocals at the beginning of the onslaught just hang in the air, as distended as the synthesizers to soon follow. Drum tics sound like someone’s heart on too much coke. I’m a bad judge for such things because a lot makes me anxious, but it’s absolutely anxiety-inducing. But not in a way that’s repelling. This lures you in. Once the drop happens, you’re already in the house of horrors. That’s it. It’ll all be over soon.


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