Communions- “Eternity”

Communions- Eternity

If you find yourself looking for bright, hook-heavy, somewhat sugary indie pop/rock, Copenhagen’s Communions are here for you. On “Eternity,” the B-Side to their first 7″ for new label home Fat Possum, the group is outright declaring “You and me, we can do anything” as synths fizzle and basses boing underneath them. But lest everything get just a bit too sickeningly sweet, the apex of this “in it together” anthem is “I wonder why eternity won’t end?” Jay Z once said that “forever is a mighty long time” and Communions seem to very much feel that on “Eternity.” Of course with forever there’s a lot of time to just live your life and bounce around like much of this song. But there’s also a lot of time for doubt, second-guessing and slight (or outright) panic. “Eternity” has both, one is just a little better hidden than the other.



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