Isaiah Rashad- “Park”

Isaiah Rashad- Park

Isaiah Rashad, you don’t have to do this. You don’t need to follow up Cilvia Demo yet, “Webbie Flow (U Like)” is still floating around in all our heads. You don’t gotta add to the impressive TDE tally for this year, untitled unmastered and Blank Face are blessings enough. Why give us the warm, slow bounce of “Smile” or the mid-tempo hustler “Free Lunch” now? There’s no need. You don’t have to go “sharp as a tack or a guillotine right at your family.” And you certainly don’t need to do it over blunted piano keys and slithering drum machines. That’s just too much. We trust that you “feel like the Guwop” and “look more Cuban than Maverick,” there’s no need to say so. There’s no need to do any of this. Your music has never had that specific, urgent necessity to it. “Park” isn’t needed, but it damn sure is appreciated.

Isaiah Rashad’s new record The Sun’s Tirade (artwork above) drops September 2 through TDE.



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