Ty Dolla $ign- “Zaddy”

Ty Dolla $ign- Campaign

Why exactly are “we” calling mattress R&B maven Ty Dolla $ign “zaddy” on this one? Is he really so much of a sex maestro that two syllable words such as “dad-dy” get slurred? What, does “damn” become “zamn”? “Oh my God” become “Oh my Zod?” Which would then probably lead to a Ty song where he’s describing himself as Superman. That needs to happen now.

But the answer to that second question is yes. Dolla $ign is that dude when it comes to rapping and singing, err mumbling, about sex. It’s what he does. If you want to be reductive, Miguel is transformative powers of sex dude. The Weeknd is totally zoned-out sex dude. Jeremih is sexing on silk sheets dude. Frank Ocean is this will never be the way it was before sex dude. Dolla $ign is bang and bail dude. Hell it’s in the end of the song: “I ain’t never made love, pimping’s what I’m made of.” It’s licentious for sure, but Dolla $ign has such a knack for melody over mid-tempo grooves that it can sound romantic.

Ty Dolla $ign’s album Campaign comes out September 23 on Atlantic. I hope there’s at least one tune where he insults someone else as the “low-energy” Jeb Bush of sex.

1. “Intro”
2. “$”
3. “Campaign” ft. Future
4. “Where”
5. “3 Wayz”
6. “Juice”
7. “Zaddy”
8. “Hello”
9. “R&B”
10. “Stealing”
11. “Clean”
12. “My Song”
13. “Pu$$y”
14. “No Justice” ft. TC
15. “Watching”
16. “Campaign (Charlie Heat Remix)” ft. Future


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