Hannah Jane Lewis- “Hide and Go Seek”

Hannah Jane Lewis- Hide and Go Seek

London pop artist Hannah Jane Lewis’ “Hide and Go Seek” is catapulted by contradictions and contrasting sentiments. In the all-or-nothing, reach for it chorus she exerts “I love playing hide-and-go-seek, but you don’t need to find me.” Which is then quickly followed by “Loving you is hard, but that’s what makes me want you.” Jane Lewis said in a chat with Pop Justice that the vibrant track is about “a guy who plays hard to get, when you aren’t interested in playing games at all.”

Which makes total sense when you consider the question “Can’t you see the fun in escape?” At a certain point such circular games get tiring. There’s far more fun in breaking free into the unknown. And that’s precisely what “Hide and Go Seek” embraces, the risk of embracing the unknown which could pay dividends or be another dead-end.

Hide and Go Seek is available now on iTunes and can be streamed on Soundcloud.




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