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Top Tracks: Frank Ocean- “White Ferrari”

Of the numerous highlights of Frank Ocean’s Blonde, few are as affecting or immediate as “White Ferrari.” Admittedly “immediate” is a weird descriptor for a glacial ballad that slyly swipes bits of a Beatles melody, but the song’s emotion is readily apparent to anyone listening. “Bad luck to talk on these rides, mind on the road, your dilated eyes watch the clouds float, white Ferrari, had a good time” Ocean tenderly croons atop a few drum machine tics and synth churns. The last of those lines feels almost affirmative, as though he needs to convince himself that the scene he’s painting is as bright as he remembers it.

But “I care for you still and I will forever” is something that can’t be faked. Past damage and present distance can’t fully obscure intense feelings. When Ocean acknowledges his scar at the song’s conclusion, he’s acknowledging this. We carry our memories far longer than we carry our relationships.

(Blonde is out now on Apple Music and iTunes.)


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