Danny Brown- “Pneumonia” [Prod. Evian Christ]

Is there anyone going in hip hop who makes the lurid as disturbingly alluring as Danny Brown? Not a chance a hell. On “Pneumonia,” our second sampling from the forthcoming Atrocity Exhibition, Brown’s complaining about his nose burning after snorting stepped-on cocaine and gobbling ecstasy like Mike and Ikes. He’s slurping that “p**** just like lo mein” and getting head that sends him “straight to the moon with a Mac tonight.” As with so many of his most notable tracks, he’s running through a ledger that should’ve killed him. Or at the least, left him permanently comatose.

There’s a little of that “comma” feeling with “Pneumonia,” though Yeezus producer Evian Christ’s synthesizers and drums do periodically spray rounds everywhere. There’s a lurch here not unlike ScHoolboy Q’s “Prescription/Oxymoron” which is fitting considering ScHoolboy can be heard in the background of this effort. And that lurch only draws you in closer to Brown’s skittish lines. The lurch is a lure into Brown’s drug-addled, dilapidated asylum of a mind. And once you’re in, once you’re hooked, there’s no way out or off.

(Atrocity Exhibition drops Sept. 30 via Warp Records)



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